prenatal yoga

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Gain flexibility and strength. Restore your energy. Listen to the body’s intuitive wisdom.23DSC_027601

Each session includes traditional yoga postures with a special focus on the needs of the pregnant women. These healing and balancing techniques relax the body and mind, giving support for pain management, prenatal bonding, and the tools to work within ones capacity.


Yoga practice gives the ability to witness the waves that occur during pregnancy. At times the waves shift from more energy and inspiration to less energy when various discomforts might surface. Each women experience before , during and after pregnancy is unique as the women giving birth.

“I began Isabel’s pregnancy yoga classes at 12 weeks pregnant. I will never forget that first class and the mom, who at 39 weeks pregnant, was bending like a pretzel. Well I became that mom to be and at 40 weeks pregnant I couldn’t have felt better. I did yoga twice a week throughout my pregnancy and it kept me amazingly fit,flexible, and feeling great. And when the time came to give birth yoga had certainly prepared me and I had the most wonderful birth experience. The moms and babes classes we now do are a wonderful way to regain strength post partum and Isabel focuses her classes so well on the areas that have been weakened from pregnancy and birth. Yoga has also been a great way to meet other moms and their babies and the classes always have a lovely atmosphere. I can highly recommend Isabel and her yoga classes, she is knowledgable, encouraging, enthusiastic and so warm.” Dani dani