Why do prental yoga?

•    Many enter yoga initially through prenatal yoga. Yoga is metaphorically like a birth, so it is natural to bring yoga into ones life in preparation for the body to give birth. The souls arrival creates the desire for a healthier pregnancy. A women often chooses prenatal yoga to improve health. Prenatal prepares the body for the trinity of pregnancy, Labor,  and delivery. The practice deepens awareness and connection with the body and baby.

•    The postures are gentle on the body, and, at the same time, develop flexibility and strength. The long, controlled breath calms the mind and strengthens the vitality allowing one to be in the present. This aids in the awakening of the inherent body wisdom to guide during labor and childbirth.

•    Yogic techniques of breath, movement, deep relaxation, visualization, and meditation provides a confident basis for a smooth passage during this profound life experience. This will help a women experience the best possible pregnancy and delivery while creating a positive environment for the baby.

•    A regular practice develops focus, flow of breath, and strong kinesthetic awareness. These three factors, addressed through the practice of hatha yoga, help ease the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.

•    A gentle, regular hatha yoga practice is excellent for toning the pelvic region, opening the hips, and strengthening the back. Increased flexibility, muscular strength, coordination, and relaxation, as well as stronger respiration, circulation and balance, alleviate many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy. Many discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as insomnia, increased weight, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stetch marks, swelling and back or sciatic pains are lessend through a regular prenatal yoga practice.

•    Yoga cultivates deepend states of spiritual awareness, intuition, receptivity, and inner peace. The physical practices of yoga serve as a bridge to higher levels of consciousness and union with the divine. Prenatal yoga helps each women prepare for her own unique journey through the birth process. She develops moment-to-moment awareness allowing her to be more present during delivery with greater relaxation and calmness. Through the practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation, pregnancy becomes the spiritual experience it is meant to be.

•    In the postnatal period, regular practices of yoga are introduced systematically based on how the women’s body feels.